RTK CLUE - The Correction Data Service by Reichhardt

Automatic steering systems belong to Reichhardts product portfolio for a quarter century - as manufacturer integrated solutions as well as an after sales option by now for a great number of different vehicles.

Precision Farming as a Core Competence

The Hessian electronics company has always been among the pioneers in achieving high-precision. It started with the development of mechanic sensors, which can still be found on sugar beet harvesting machines and field choppers and which have become indispensable by now.

In the application of ultrasonic sensors for recognition of plant rows and dams, Reichhardt is also seen as a pioneer, and especially in the cultivation of vegetables and special crops it is still a much asked for option.

A flexible tactile sensor, which impresses with high precision in row crops, is another innovation from the Hofgut Ringelshausen. It facilitates corn harvesting and is offered by many manufacturers ex works.

Awarded Products and Service

At first GPS-based parrallel driving systems were not able to reach the same accuracy which was achieved by the application of mechanic sensors. Only the use of RTK correction data enabled vehicles and machines to achieve comparable working precision. Reichhardt received the DLG Innovation Award 2011 for its innovative cluster solution.

Certified Quality Management

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Certified Quality Management according ISO 9001:2008. Certificate Registration Number 507638 QM08