Business Model RTK CLUE

RTK CLUE is a license model, which enables owners of RTK base stations to offer cost-efficient RTK correction data to third parties.

A RTK CLUE Cluster can consist of a single RTK base station as well as any number of connected base stations.

The RTK CLUE Cluster's provider does not necessarly have to be its owner, because upon consultation, owners can let third parties act as providers of their stations. 

The administration and maintenance takes place online in real-time with the RTK CLUE Manager.

RTK CLUE Clusters have proven themselves in practise, as well as tried and tested their customer promise with an excellent price-performance ratio in many parts of the world -  not only in Germany, but especially there. Convince yourself of the present global availability.

Get in contact with us and let us plan your successful RTK CLUE Cluster together.