RTK CLUE is a flexible relationship manager

RTK CLUE can be used by any given RTK compatible GPS receivers, which are able to receive data in the file format RTCM3 and support NTRIP compatible modems.

The RTK CLUE Modem is suitable for the use with all base stations, Rovers, operator terminals and automatic steering systems.

The following table shows a selection of compatible GPS receivers.

manufactuer model
AgLeader GPD7500
Hemisphere A 222
A 326
John Deere¹ SF 3000
SF 6000
Novatel MR15
Reichhardt RGS 220
RGS 320
RGS 325
RGS 700
Trimble² Ag 372
Ag 382
Nav 900
TopCon AGI-4
ComNav G7
ublox ZED-F9P

¹ Activation for Mobile-RTK required
² Some GPS receivers of this brand can be licensed for RTCM3

Your GPS receiver is not listed above? Please contact us, so we can verify the compatibility of your hardware.