Which mobile providers should be chosen and what amount of data volume is required for RTK CLUE?

  • Since you know your region best, you should choose the provider with which you are most satisfied, and offers mobile telephony and mobile internet.
  • In order to calculate your required data volume, there is a simple rule of thumb: 1 MB per working hour. With this it is simple to determine your needed data volume. As a general rule a monthly data volume of 250 MB should be suitable for most users. 250 MB of data volume allow a maximal usage of RTK correction data for 8 hours per day, in a month with 31 days. 

Is it possible to use prepaid SIM cards for RTK CLUE?

  • The use of prepaid cards for RTK CLUE is not recommended, because the current balance of the prepaid card for technical reasons can not be seen. In case of insufficient credit, RTK correction data cannot be transmitted, and thus, inaccuracies occur and resulsts are impaired.


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