RTK CLUE Manager – keep an eye on all operations online

With the RTK CLUE Manager Cluster providers have a powerful tool for monitoring and billing of their RTK CLUE Cluster.


Features specifically for operators

Statistics – quality analysis

Operators can provide better support for their customers without having to drive to the customer.
Faster service – lower costs (lower service journeys) – higher quality of service

Permanent record of position quality. Helpful in the case if no RTK position accuracy is achieved.
Be recorded:

  • Quality (position accuracy)
  • Satellites (number of satellites)
  • Ref-Age (Correction Data Age)
  • GSM Quality (cellular signal strength)

Email notification in the event of a correction failure

In order to be able to offer as complete a availability of the correction data as possible as possible, disturbances need to be detected quickly. In the event of a basic station disturbance, the operator will be notified immediately by e-mail. The beteriber does not have to permanently monitor the status of its Staion.


Own design of RTK CLUE Manager

The RTK CLUE Manager web interface can be adapted to an existing corporate design of the operator. The log-in page can also be integrated into an existing website.

Features with added value

Map view – position recording

Rides are recorded and can be analyzed in real time and in retrospect. The data can be exported in KML format.


  • Rapid error analysis
  • Localization of vehicles
  • Fleet monitoring

Connection overview

All connections of base stations and rovers are logged. This allows for an error analysis of the Internet connection and the modem configuration.


Virtual fence around a defined area. If a vehicle (rover) enters or leaves this area, the user will be informed immediately.


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